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            Hearth's Warming Eve was a magical time of the year and Ponyville was in high spirits at the Town Hall where a huge party, complete with a large buffet of holiday treats, dancing, and a live musical band, was being held. Practically everypony was attending and so were Naruto and his friends; they decided to go as a way to celebrate their first holiday together ever since the aforementioned stallion arrived in town. They were all wearing festive attire with Twilight and Applejack wearing scarves, Naruto, Spike, and Rainbow Dash wearing sweaters, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie wearing cute hats, but Rarity decided to go with a fashionable outfit she made just for this little get-together. The group of friends was currently hanging about some of the tables that were set up along the west wall.
           "So Naruto, enjoying Hearth's Warming Eve?" asked Twilight.
           "You bet. There's cheer in the air, everypony is in a good mood, and there are beautiful decorations as far as I can see. It's just an amazing holiday," he answered.
           "You said it. It's the most awesome time of the year," said Rainbow.
           "This party is too," the stallion added as he took in the scenery.
           "Totally! The best part is all the sweets that are being served at the buffet table," said Pinkie before chowing down on a gingerbread cookie she got earlier.
           Her friends chuckled at her antics then Rarity spoke up, "I absolutely love this time of year. It's when anypony's dreams can come true."
           "Sounds like you have one of your own, Rarity," said Applejack.
           "Maybe . . ." said the dressmaking unicorn.
           "What is it?" Fluttershy innocently asked.
           The response that the pegasus received was a small blush then Rarity said, "Something special and that's all I'm saying."
           Twilight had a pretty good idea what it was her fellow unicorn wanted.
           The pink pony had just finished her treat when she said, "I got a dream too – to get more cookies. Be right back," then she zipped right back to the buffet table.
           "I'd better go with her. Last year, she scarfed down all the cookies before anypony else could get one," said Applejack before pursuing their sugar-hungry friend.
           "I'd better go help too. Applejack's gonna need the extra hooves. Besides, I want some egg nog," Rainbow Dash smirked before leaving her friends.
           "Wait up, Dash! I want some fruitcake," Spike said excitedly as he followed the pegasus.
           "Oh Spike," Twilight chuckled then she directed her attention back to her friends, "well that just leaves the four of us. What do you girls wanna do?"
           "I can go for anything. I don't mind," Fluttershy said softly.
           The band started playing a slow song that Naruto was able to hear then an idea popped into his mind. He faced the animal caretaker and held out his hoof, "In that case, may I have this dance?"
           The yellow mare was quickly stricken with shock then a small smile appeared on her face as she took his hoof, "I love to."
           The stallion then lead his partner to the dance floor where they stood close to each other and started moving to the music.
Twilight was smiling at the scene that was playing out, "That's nice, isn't it?"
           "Yeah . . ." was all that Rarity had said.
           The purple unicorn turned to her friend, "Something wrong?"
           "Nothing . . ." said the dressmaker as she watched her two friends dance with each other then the other unicorn got the idea of what was plaguing her.
           "Still crushing on him?"
           "Like you can never believe," said Rarity as a small bloom of envy started welling up inside of her upon seeing Naruto dip Fluttershy in an almost romantic manner.
           "Well if you're going to make a move, tonight would be the night to do so. It's like you said before, it's the time when dreams come true," said the librarian.
           The white mare thought about what her friend had just said as the music died down and the dancing couple returned.
           "You're a very good dancer, Fluttershy," complimented Naruto.
           Fluttershy blushed a little, "T-thank you. You are too."
An idea popped into Rarity's head this time around as the band started playing another slow song then she walked up to the stallion, "Naruto, may I have this next dance?"
           Naruto was a bit taken back by her request then he said, "I would be honored," then the two of them walked onto the dance floor.
           Twilight couldn't help but feel proud of her friend, 'Good move, Rarity.'
The shinobi-turned-pony and dressmaker made it to the dance floor and started move to the rhythm of the music while staying close to each other.
           "You really are a very good dancer, Naruto," said Rarity.
           "Thanks. So are you," said the stallion.
           The mare started to blush, "Flatterer."
           They continued dancing until the song came to an end then returned to find that the rest of their friends had come back from the buffet. Pinkie had a slightly swollen stomach, which Applejack explained that the party planner ate two full plates of gingerbread cookies; the stallion got a small laugh out of that. The Mane Six plus Spike and Naruto just stuck together until the party started to end.
When it was time to go home, Naruto and Rarity were the ones to lead their friends out through the door.
           "We gotta do this again next year," said Naruto.
           "I hear that, pardoner," said Applejack.
           Something quickly got Twilight's attention above the two lead ponies that put a smile on her face, "Hey! Look up there."
           Everypony turned their attention upwards to find a small bundle of mistletoe hanging in the doorway and it was right above the ramen cook and dressmaker.
           "Looks like some ponies are under the mistletoe," laughed Rainbow Dash.
           Naruto and Rarity's faces reddened because the both of them knew what standing under mistletoe meant.
           "Well, s-s-s-shall we?" the stallion asked in an almost Fluttershy-like manner and the answer he received was Rarity's puckered lips in front of his face.
           He gave a slightly nervous chuckle, leaned over, and gave the unicorn a small kiss that caused every muscle in her body to stiffen then loosen almost instantly; the expression on Rarity's face mirrored satisfaction beyond her wildest dreams.
           Another chuckle came from the stallion as he offered her one of his front legs, "May I walk you home?"
           Rarity just gave a small nod, took his arm, then everypony made their way to their respective homes and along the way, Rarity kept thinking, 'My dream came TRUE!'
A present for my fans.

Sorry it was so late but I was stricken with writer's block for a bit then got distracted by Christmas movies and the power was out for an entire day where I am.

But I got it done and that is what matters!

MLP: FiM belongs to [link] and Hasbro
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
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Lucky Rarity XD

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