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    The following day, Rarity asked Twilight to stop by to discuss something important; they were currently having tea at the table in Rarity's kitchen.
    "Thank you so much for coming over on such short notice, Twilight. I really need to talk with you," said Rarity.
    "By any chance is the subject of our discussion Naruto and Sunni?" asked Twilight.
    The dressmaker gasped a little then quietly asked, "You have heard the rumors as well?"
    "About them kissing in front of the plant shop? Yeah. Gossip travels fast in Ponyville especially if it's Daisy, Rose, and Lily spreading it. I must say there is a lot of heartbroken mares in town now. They all keep saying that Naruto's heart has finally been claimed," the librarian chuckled a little at the last part.
    The sounds of soft crying soon filled the air as tears ran down the white mare's cheeks.
    "Oh Rarity . . ." said the purple unicorn.
    "Why Twilight? Why does it have to hurt so much?" weeped Rarity as she placed her front hooves over her heart.
    "I wish I knew," said Twilight as she laid a comforting hoof on her friend's shoulder.
    "I've lost him, I've lost him for good this time. I've lost my chance. He's gone," she moved her hooves from her heart to her eyes as she started crying harder.
    "No. It's not too late, Rarity. There is still one thing you can do," said the librarian.
    "What?" the dressmaker looked up to listen with the tiniest glimmer of hope.
    "Be direct. Tell him you like him, tell him how you feel."
    "W-wh-what?" Rarity was a bit taken back.
    "I hear a lot of ponies say it's the best way to tell somepony else how you feel about them," Twilight shrugged.
    "But-but what if he doesn't feel the same way? I don't know if I can handle that kind of rejection," the white unicorn said acting a bit like Fluttershy.
    "What's worse? Rejection? Or never telling him how you feel? Besides, there's always the chance he might feel the same way but you can only find out if you tell him," said Twilight.
    Rarity thought it over for a moment than a small look of determination appeared on her face, "Okay Twilight, I'll do it . . . but I want to do it someplace where it will be the least bit memorable."
    "How about the Music Parlor? It's holding karaoke tomorrow night. Pinkie says that nothing makes a moment more memorable than music," the librarian suggested.
    "Sounds perfect. Speaking of Pinkie, invite her and our other friends. I'm gonna need the moral support," the white unicorn requested.
    "You got it," smiled Twilight who was quickly engulfed in a hug from Rarity.
    "Thank you Twilight, thank you," said Rarity.
    "That's what friends are for."

    Tomorrow night had arrived and the Mane Six plus Naruto and Sunni were all at the Music Parlor; it was late so Spike was sleeping back at home. Normally the presence of her rival caused her agitation but tonight, Rarity was calm because of her confidence that Naruto would choose her once she tells him how she feels. The only ponies who were the least dolled up for tonight were Rarity wearing a jeweled-heart pendant necklace, Pinkie with a couple of silver bracelets on her front right hoof, and Sunni who was sporting a rose behind her left ear. No doubt it was from the bouquet Naruto had given her.
    They were currently at a booth with Naruto, Sunni, Rainbow, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy seated comfortably while Pinkie was grooving with Vinyl Scratch up at the DJ stand; everypony else at the table were partaking in a veggie platter and a round of apple juice.
    Applejack picked up her juice, "I'd like to purpose a toast."
    Her companions followed her actions as she continued speaking while facing the stallion and his date, "To Naruto and Sunni, Ponyville's newest couple."
    The couple blushed a bit as everypony else said, "To Naruto and Sunni."
    Dash laughed, "Yeah. It's about time Naruto settled down. All that dating around was really getting dull."
    The stallion's blush got redder as Sunni noticed and giggled, "I'll bet," then she gave him a light peck on the cheek which rid him of his embarrassment.
    "But tonight is special," he said.
    "Special?" asked Fluttershy.
    "Yeah. We decided to make this night out our third date," explained the white earth mare.
    Rarity was doing her best to keep emotions under control.
    "Naruto Uzumaki," a voice called out.
    He looked over to find it was Vinyl coming his way with Pinkie.
    The DJ raised her shades and said, "Good to see ya again."
    Naruto greeted her with a smile as Sunni asked him, "Did you date her as well?"
    Vinyl laughed, "I wish. Though I was hoping he would show himself again after his last visit."
    "Why? What happened?"
    "Me and Naruto rocked this place by singing an awesome duet," Pinkie said excitedly while chowing down on a celery stick.
    "You never told me you can sing," said Sunni to her date.
    "There are a lot of things you don't know about me," responded Naruto.
    "You gonna give us another performance?" asked the dj pony.
    "Probably not," he answered.
    His answer brought about whiny protests and egging on but he repeated, "No thank you."
    Everypony just sighed in defeat.
    "Okay, but you know where I am if you change your mind," Vinyl said before returning to her equipment.
    "You sure you don't want to sing?" asked Pinkie.
    "I'm sure," he said firmly then he got up and removed himself from the group, "I'm going to the restroom, I'll be right back."
    Once he was out of sight, Sunni let out a small sigh, "Too bad. I was really hoping to hear him sing."
    "It's something worth hearin' I tell ya," said Applejack.
    "So Sunni, I gotta ask? Is the rumor about you and Naruto kissing true or what?" asked Rainbow.
    The white mare blushed, "It's all true. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what came over me. All he did was give me a bouquet of roses . . . and I just had the urge to kiss him."
    Rarity decided to take a sip of apple juice as a way to help quell her anger.
    "Naruto's really something else. I just can't explain it but he brings out my emotions. No stallion has ever done that before," her blush disappears, "when I'm with Naruto, I feel so happy, my heart feels so full that it could burst, I just feel like shouting to all of Equestria that . . . . I'm in love."
    All the other mares at the table were stunned at what they heard . . . . especially Rarity.
    "Did you, by any chance, tell him how you feel?" Twilight asked cautiously.
    Everypony listened intently as she answered with a blush, "Not really."
    "How come?" asked Pinkie.
    "Because actions speak louder than words," the blue pegasus explained, "she kissed him and he kissed her back. They don't need to do any of that mushy verbal stuff."
    "I don't know. I've always heard that if you don't say it, it don't count," said the farmer.
    "It's okay Applejack, I don't need Naruto to say anything. I knew he feels the same way about me," said Sunni, "It's like Rainbow Dash said. Actions speak louder than words."
    "But, if you don't mind me asking, do you want him to say it?" asked Fluttershy.
    "Well . . . . it would nice to tell each other how we feel but that's putting pressure on him and that's the last thing I want to do. I want him to say it when he wants to," answered Sunni.
    "But that's no reason why you shouldn't," said Applejack.
    "Yeah. I guess you're right," the white mare then eyed Vinyl at her equipment as a determined look appeared on her face, "and I think I know the perfect way."
    She got up and left the table to make her way to the DJ.

    Naruto had returned to his friends but found Sunni to be absent.
    "Where's Sunni?" he asked.
    Before his friends could answer, the sound of a microphone powering up got his attention and there was Sunni up on stage.
    "Okay everypony, give a round of applause for Sunni Daze," called out Vinyl as she switched on some soft music.
    "This song is for my very special somepony, Naruto Uzumaki," said Sunni then ponies in the crowd gave off whoops and cheers for the mentioned stallion as she started to sing.

--(More than Words/Heaven - Ponified by Ashton Wilson)--
"Saying I love you
Is not what I really need to hear from you."

    Naruto quickly became surprised and captivated by Sunni's angelic singing voice as he started to move closer to the stage.
"It's not that I want you
Not to say it, I just want to know"

    Sunni closed her eyes softly as she was begun focusing on the song; her date reached the edge of the platform and just gaze up at her like if she were an angel in disguise.
"If you really feel the same way about me
More than words are the best way to show me how you feel."

    Naruto's attention was suddenly drawn to Vinyl who was ushering him over to her. He took one last look at the singing beauty before him and journeyed to the dj's stand.
"Then you won't have to tell me that you love me"
    Upon reaching her, DJ-PON3 whispered something into the shinobi-turned-pony's ear which caused him to grin a bit then give her a nod
"'Cause I'd already know."
    The singing mare opened her eyes and noticed her date was missing from the audience. She looked over to her companions at the booth and they just shrugged their shoulders since they were just as confused as her. But before the earth mare could start her search for him . . .
"I just love the way you move"
    The voice of a singing Naruto coming from her left caught her attention and when she looked into his face, she could see the love and sincerity radiating from him like a lightbulb.
"And the sparkle in your eyes
Oh everytime you look at me
It just makes my heart fly high"

    He moved closer to her as their eyes became connected and fixated only on what was in front of them.
"I don't want to be the king of the world
As long as I have you as my -"

"-loving girl"
("Your loving girl, oh, yeah")
"Heaven isn't too far away
Getting closer every day"

    Everypony in the audience could hear the emotion in the harmonizing voices of the couple onstage.
"No matter what anypony says"
"I know we'll find a way"
"More than words is all we have to do to make love real
Then we wouldn't have to say"

    Even their friends became hypnotized by their words but Twilight broke free when she noticed Rarity was missing. The librarian looked around until she noticed the white unicorn running out of the room; nopony even noticed her leaving.
"Heaven isn't too far away
Heaven isn't too far away"

("More than words")
"Heaven isn't too far away"
("More than words")
    Twilight got up and followed after her runaway friend as the singing ponies looked into each other's eyes.
"'Cause I already know"
("Saying I love you")
    They soon embraced each other and their lips became locked into a passionate kiss.
--(Song Ends)--

    With watery eyes and quivering lips, Vinyl pulled out a a lit candle and held it high for everypony to see then she spoke in a slight breaking voice, "That was beautiful. Let's hear it for Naruto and Sunni."
    The entire audience broke out in thunderous applause; Applejack and Rainbow Dash were doing their best to not weep like foals while Fluttershy had the same expression Vinyl had except tears were streaming down her cheeks and Pinkie Pie was bawling from the sheer beauty of the duet.
    The celebrated couple broke their kiss and kept their eyes on each other as they ignored the entire world around them.

    Twilight reached the outside where she found Rarity standing a few yards away from the building with her head down low; she made her way over to her friend.
    "Rarity? Are you okay?" asked the purple pony.
    "It's over, Twilight," said Rarity.
    "What do you mean?"
    The dressmaker brought her head up and turned around, "Didn't you hear them up there?"
    "Yay . . ."
    "He's in love with her and she's in love with him. They sounded like they belong together," she then got a solemn expression on her face, "I just have to accept it."
    "Can you really?" Twilight as she placed a hoof on her friend's right shoulder.
    "No," then the white unicorn gained a sad smile, "but I can try. It would be too cruel to destroy his happiness just to have my own. That's not what love is."
    "Rarity . . ."
    "As much as it pains me, I have to let him go. I will always love him but because I do, I want him to be happy . . . even if it's not with me."
    "Rarity, that has to be the most generous thing I have ever heard you say."
    Rarity's smile grew a bit but a small tear ran down the left side of her face which she quickly wiped away, "Let's go back inside."
    "Okay," said Twilight then the two unicorn mares returned to the interior of the Music Parlor.

    When the unicorn pair returned inside, Naruto and Sunni had just rejoined the others; the mares soon joined them as their companions noticed their arrival.
    "Where'd you guys go?" asked Naruto.
    "Oh, we just stepped out for a little fresh air," answered Twilight as she and Rarity sat inside the booth.
    "You two were amazing by the way," said Rarity.
    "Thanks," said Sunni.
    "So what should we do next?" asked Fluttershy.
    "I know," said Pinkie as her friends listened closely, "let's party!"
    Apparently Vinyl heard that and started to play some awesome dance music then everypony got up and danced their hooves off.

    A few hours later, the Mane Six plus the couple decided to call it a night so they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways; Naruto and Sunni were making their way to Ponyville Inn.
    "It's probably late, I better get you to your room," he said but when turned to look at her, she wasn't next to him.
    Naruto looked back to find her back there with a slightly sad smile on her face; he walked up to her, "What's wrong?"
    "I was hoping he could stay together for just a little while longer," she said.
    "Oh, what do you want to do than?"
    A blush appeared on her face, she looked into his eyes for a moment, then placed her body against his, "Let's go back to your place."
    The stallion was slightly confused by her request but fulfilled it anyway as they arrived at his restaurant in just a manner of minutes; they went upstairs into the housing area. Sunni was currently waiting from him on the living room couch as he was locking up for the night.
    "So, we're here. What now?" said Naruto once he returned and sat down next to the mare.
    Without warning, Sunni threw herself onto him and embraced him tightly; a blush appeared on her face as she whispered, "Take me to your bed."
    "What?" he asked surprised.
    "I want to be with you tonight, Naruto. Please . . . take me," she said.
    He could hear the sincerity and desire in her voice and as if his body was working automatically, he said, "If that is what you want."
    They soon found themselves in his bedroom and starting making out on his bed. Naruto gently laid her down on her back as his mouth left hers and he started to lick her neck. She responded to the actions by giving off small cute moans and gasps.
    "This is the first time I have ever done something like this. Please be gentle," said Sunni.
    "I will, I promise," he answered.
    He was about to proceed lower when she gently pushed him off of her and turned away from him.
    "Did I do something wrong?" he asked.
    "I can't do this," she said softly.
    He put on an understanding face, "That's okay. We don't have to if you don't want to. I'm not gonna pressure you into anything."
    Sunni quickly spun around to face him, "No, I want to do this . . . . but . . ."
    The mare lower her face as Naruto asked, "What's wrong, Sunni?"
    She looked at him again but this time, her eyes were filled with tears, "I'm so sorry, Naruto."
    "What are you sorry about?" he placed a hoof on her shoulder.
    "I've been lying to you this whole time," more tears streamed from her eyes.
    "What are you talking about, Sunni?" he wiped her cheeks a little.
    She started to calm down, "Well for starters, my name isn't Sunni Daze."
    "That's the problem? No big deal. Just tell me your real name," Naruto asked.
    She looked at him uneasily then said, "Before I tell you my name, I have to show you who I truly am."
    "Who you truly are?"
    Sunni got off the bed and stood before him, "Watch."
    She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then became enveloped in a blinding white light that lasted for a few seconds. Once it died down, the sight before him was one to truly take in because standing before him in Sunni's place was a mare at least twice the size of a normal pony, her white fur had a pink tint to it, her mane and tail were long, wavy, and a rainbow of colors, but the most noticeable feature were the feathered wings on her back and the long horn upon her forehead. Naruto's whole face became distorted in an expression of pure shock.
    This new mare opened her eyes as she started to speak in a different yet still angelic voice, "Now you see me as I truly am. I am-"
    "Princess Celestia! You're Twilight's mentor and ruler of Equestria!" Naruto shouted as he pointed a shaky hoof at her.
    The princess was taken back by how much the stallion seemed to know already, "Yes, that's right."
    Naruto started to clam down as his shock was replaced with confusion and his hoof lowered itself, "But what's with the-?"
    "Allow me to explain," Celestia started to tell her story, "I created the disguise of Sunni Daze to help me get away from my duties of being a princess."
    "I know it's irresponsible of me but there are times when I just have to get away from it all. The sheer weight on my shoulders, all the hustle and bustle, the infinite numbers of responsibilities, and the sheer boredom that happens when the days are slow."
    The more Naruto listened, the more it seemed that Celestia was sounding like Tsunade then he said, "I can understand that."
    "But I also created Sunni Daze for a second purpose," said the princess.
    "What's that?" he asked.
    "To find the one . . . who would capture my heart," Celestia said with a blush.
    "Wait a minute, are you saying . . . ?"
    "Yes. I use my disguise to help me find my own special somepony but I mostly wanted a stallion who could look past my exterior into the pony inside," she explained.
    "So you made your disguise beautiful? Why not somepony whose ugly?" he asked.
    "I wanted to draw in any potential stallions," she explained then she rubbed the back of her head nervously, "plus I'm terrible at ugly."
    "Oh . . . makes perfect sense," he said which got the princess to slightly giggle.
    She quickly became solemn then looked Naruto in the eyes, "I have to say that you were the first stallion to actually meet my expectations," then she got a blush on her face, " . . . and to win my heart."
    "Huh?" he asked softly.
    Celestia leaned in close with a solemn look upon her face, "Please believe me when I say that even though I was wearing a disguise, everything I said and did was all true. I meant every word I said whenever we were together. My emotions were pure because . . . you are the first stallion I have ever fallen in love with."
    "Really? Didn't you have any suitors before me?" he said.
    "I did . . . but I didn't love them. If I want to be with somepony, I want it to be out of love," she said sincerely, "and it's you I love, Naruto Uzumaki."
    "Princess Celestia . . ." Naruto said.
    "Please, it's just us here. Call me Celestia," she said with a small smile.
    "As you wish, . . . . Celestia," they leaned close to each other then their lips became locked into a passionate kiss as Naruto slowly pushed her back unto the bed.
    Celestia broke the kiss, "Make love to me, Naruto. Please make love to me. I want you to be my first and only."
    Naruto smiled sweetly, "As you wish, your majesty."
    She giggled before becoming lip locked again.

--(Lemon Scene - Skip if you don't want to read and it's my first ever lemon, be fair)--
    Naruto broke the kiss for a moment to give Celestia's lips a small lick as if asking for permission. The princess got what he wanted as she opened her mouth and he gently met his mouth with hers but this time, they caressed each other's tongues. She could feel the pleasure coming from each stroke his tongue was giving her and it only got better as he started to caress her body affectionately; her desire for more caused her to hold him tighter.
    Their need for air took over for they separated but kept their tongues connected and caressing each other. Their oral appendages parted with only a strand of saliva keeping them together but that feel apart seconds later.
    "Naruto, keep going. Do whatever you want to me. I'm yours," Celestia half-pleaded.
    His response was a loving smile and he asked, "Is that what you want?"
    She nodded then he started kissing the side of her neck which ushered a cute squeak from the princess. The kisses turned into licks then sucking followed before he began using a combination of all three which really got a reaction out of Celestia.
    "Naruto," she moaned.
    He stopped his actions, "You like this?"
    "Yes, keep going."
    The stallion smiled then returned to giving the princess all the pleasure she could ever want as he proceeded lower until reaching her pretty pink teats. He immediately took hold of one which got the princess to gasp in surprise; her lover started to suckle away at the nub in his mouth and caused Celestia to moan harder before he switched nipples thus issuing more moans from the royalty.
    "Oh my sun! Naruto, this feels so good. I've never felt anything like this before. It's incredible," she exclaimed as her cheeks started to become red.
    He ceased his actions, "If you like that, then you're gonna love this."
    Naruto reached her marehood; he could smell the arousal and see how wet Celestia had gotten from his previous actions which brought a smile to his face.
    "Please don't stare. It's embarrassing," the princess half-begged.
    His response was a small chuckle then, without warning, he gently licked her vagina; the royal mare shrieked in pleasure before lowering it to a panting moan.     Naruto lapped up her honey-tasting juices that started leaking out and made sure to give her clit the same attention.
    "Naruto, it feels so good. Keep going, keep going," she pleaded as she gently closed her hinds legs around her lover's head.
    Another devious idea came into his skull as Naruto borrowed his tongue inside of her which got a quick scream of pleasure out of her. He continued his actions by wiggling his tongue; a smile was brought to his face when she started bucking her hips.
    "Naruto . . . Naruto. I can feel it. I can feel myself cumming," he moaned.
    After hearing that, Naruto continued his tongue fucking, sucking and licking before she said, "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!"
    Soon a flood of her 'love juices' blasted out from her cunt which Naruto licked up with pleasure and the princess start to pant heavily as she released his head.
    The stallion found his snout to being slightly coated in her essence then he licked some of it off, "Tasty."
    Princess Celestia blushed upon seeing and hearing that, "Don't say things like that. It's embarrassing."
    He chuckled when she said that then dropped down onto his behind as she spoke again, "That was most incredible."
    "You sound like you've never had an orgasm before," teased Naruto.
    "Never personally. I have only experienced them through some adult literature I required during my times as Sunni," answered the princess.
    The orange stallion got a small chuckle from hearing her confession and when the winged unicorn sat up, she was greeted by a sight that caused her eyes to widen. Naruto followed her gaze and found his member was peeking out from its sheath.
    "Whoops, looks like Naruto Jr. wanted to come out and play," he said jokingly.
    Celestia was still mesmerized by the sight and, as if her body was no longer hers, she reach her left front hoof out and started rubbing him. The action caught him slightly by surprise but he got over it once the pleasure kicked in. Her actions were causing his penis to grow slowly but she stopped once it finally reached full length then the mare gasped at the twelve inch long appendage.
    Naruto noticed then he smirked, "What's the matter?"
    "It's just that . . . it's my first time . . .  seeing one," she said, "it's beautiful."
    "Aw shucks," he slight blushed.
    Then a blush appeared on Celestia's face as a thought came into her head, "Can I . . . do to you . . . what you did to me?"
    He was taken back a bit then he gave her a warm smile, "Only if you want to."
    Celestia immediately took that as a 'yes' then leaned down until she was eye level with his appendage and started to give it small tender licks. The scent coming from it was enough to make her wet again and the taste was just as addictive and arousing. She guided her tongue to the underside of his penis then to the sides and finally to the head; Naruto couldn't help but enjoy it to the fullest.
    "Not bad. Are you sure you never did this before?" he groaned in a teasing manner.
    His words caused her blush more but she kept on going then an idea came into her head which made her face to change into a deeper shade of red. Celestia ceased her actions, opened her mouth wider, and started sucking on the member's head; the stallion groaned in response.
    "That's good," he said.
    The princess quickly became bold and decided to take in more of his member; she continued sucking on him like a foal with its bottle. The mare started to quicken her pace and her lover responded with a moan.
    "Keep going."
    Wanting to make him feel more pleasure, Celestia kept up the fast pace but she would slow down every so often then sped back up; she would even just suck on the tip sometimes. Everything she did to him was pushing him closer to his limit and he could feel it approaching.
    "Celestia, I'm about to cum," he warned.
    She kept going since she now had a desire to taste his essence as he did with hers.
    "I'm CUMMING." then he climaxed.
    Celestia could feel her mouth being filled with his cream; she tried hanging on but her need for air overpowered her so she was forced to back away with a mouthful of her lover's seed then his penis hit her in the face with two final spurts. The princess ignored the impact as she savored the taste of his essence and swallowed it slowly.
    "It tastes strange but it does have a sweetness to it," she said then she wiped the cream off her face and licked it up, "almost like the books say."
    Naruto's foxy smile made a sudden appearance as Celestia noticed his member was still hard which made her gasp in shock, "Looks like it hasn't had enough."
    He followed her gaze then chuckled sheepishly, "Yeah, let's just say that I have more stamina than your average stallion."
    The princess started to blush for the umpteenth time tonight as she spoke up, "Let's keep going."
    "Huh? You sure?" Naruto asked.
    All her response was a determined nod then she turned around until her back end was facing him and lied down; this gave him a full view of her plot and her moistened pussy.
    "Okay," he got up, placed his front hooves on her back, then inserted his member slowly as to not to hurt her.
    The penetration did catch her off guard a little but she stayed strong as her lover continued with his insertion only to stop at her hymen. She looked at him to find him looking at her with concern in his eyes, "Ready?"
    The princess gave a small nod then he pulled back a little then thrust forward and broke through her inner barrier; she gave a small scream from the pain of being stabbed.
    "Celestia, look at me," Naruto said.
She did then her lips were met with his in a loving kiss as a way to try and ease her pain. It seemed to work a bit as the princess was ignoring what she was feeling and her focus was all on making out with Naruto.
    They stopped seconds later then she said, "Naruto, you can start moving now."
    The stallion nodded, pulled back again until he was almost out, and thrust forward then he repeated this process again and again. The pain Celestia felt before died away with each movement and replaced with a pleasure she had never felt before; her loud moaning and cute squeaks were a verbal verification of what she was feeling.
    "Naruto, ah, it feels so good! You're so big! And hard! I, ah, can feel you, ah, deep inside me!" she expressed.
    "And you're so tight. I can feel you squeeze my dick," groaned Naruto.
    "Harder! Faster! Fuck me only like you can!"
    He did as she wished and his reward was moaning now became screaming.
    Wanting to give her even more pleasure, Naruto increased the intensity and speed then he reached down and started to play with her clit; the princess went crazy for it as she could feel her orgasm approaching.
    "NARUTO! I CAN FEEL IT! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM!" she screamed.
    "Me too, let's cum together," he said.
    It only took a few seconds until the princess shrieked, "I'M CUMMING!"
    Her climax had hit her like a castle falling on her as Naruto blasted her insides with his cream. Celestia was then reduced to a limp panting mess as her lover finished his own release then extracted his now limp member.
--(Lemon Scene End)--

    After their intense lovemaking, Naruto and Celestia decided to cuddle before falling asleep. The princess woke up hours later, got out of the bed even if she was still a little sore from last night, opened the window, then her horn started glowing as the sun started to rise. Naruto woke from the lack of warmth next to him and he had the privilege to see the princess doing what she was known for.
    "Whoa," he said softly.
    The light for her horn grew dim then she looked at him with a loving smile, "Good morning, my stallion."
    "Morning," he smiled as she returned to the bed and they resumed cuddling.
    "Last night as amazing. Thank you . . . . for being my first," she said.
    "You're welcome. It was a honor," he said in a loving manner.
    Celestia demeanor quickly turned solemn, "But I'm afraid we are going to have to stop for now."
    "Huh?" he looked at her confused.
    She put on a small smile to try and soften the mood, "I have to get back to Canterlot. I'm still a princess, a ruler of Equestria. I have to govern my country and fulfill my duties which means I won't be able to visit you . . . . as much as I want to."
    Deep down, Naruto knew she was right because she was just like a Hokage to the ponies of Equestria so he matched her smile "I understand."
    Celestia then gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek, "Besides, don't you have a luncheon to prepare for tomorrow?"
    His demeanor took a huge turn around, "Oh yeah, you comin' over for a luncheon-" then it hit him, "Gah! I haven't prepared for the luncheon at all! I've been too distracted this whole time to think about what to serve you!"
    His face gained a deadpanned expression as Celestia chuckled and leaned in close to his ear, "I recommend apple ramen and spinach ramen with a side of sweet dumplings, rice balls, stir-fried vegetables, and a large chocolate cake for dessert."
    Naruto's expression then become one of slight surprise which the princess found adorable.
    She became melancholy again as she got out of bed, "I should be getting back to the palace."
    The stallion spoke up when a thought came into his head, "Hold on. You can't just up and leave. We have to make some excuse to Twilight and the others."
    He did make a good point and before she could think of something, the orange pony spoke again, "Turn back into Sunni and get your stuff from your room at the inn. I got an idea."

    Minutes later, Naruto and 'Sunni Daze' were sitting in the restaurant and the mare had a brown suitcase with her then, as if right on time, the Mane Six plus Spike entered. None of them were surprised to see Sunni there in the morning; Twilight and the other mares figured that something like this would happen eventually.
    "Morning, you two love ponies," greeted Twilight.
    "Mornin' guys," Naruto greeted back.
    "What's with the suitcase, Sunni?" asked Applejack.
    "I just recently checked out of my room at the inn," answered the disguised Celestia in her false voice.
    "And you're now staying with Naruto?" asked Rarity.
    "Unfortunately not. I actually have to get back to Canterlot," said 'Sunni.'
    "Huh?" they asked in unison.
    "My visit to Ponyville is over and I have to get back home," the white earth mare answered.
    "But what about-?" Fluttershy was about to ask as she looked at the orange stallion who interrupted her, "Don't worry about me, Fluttershy. Our relationship may have been only for a week but it will be one I will always cherish."
    His friends were shocked by his words then Naruto looked at the clock, "We had better hurry if you want to catch the earliest train to Canterlot, Sunni."
    "You're right," the princess in disguise said before picking up her suitcase.
    "You guys wanna come?" Naruto asked his companions as he come up next to 'Sunni.'
    His friends nodded while still in slight shock then everypony in the room made their way to the train station. They arrived there in only a matter of minutes and were currently standing on the platform where the train to Canterlot had just arrived.
    "Well, I guess this is it," said Naruto as he faced the princess in disguise.
    "I guess so," she said.
    "You know you guys don't have to break up," said Twilight.
    'Sunni' turned toward her student, "I wish we could but long distance relationships never work out and my job back in Canterlot is highly demanding."
    Before the unicorn could question about her job, the train blew its whistle and the conductor yelled out, "All abord for the train to Canterlot!"
    There was no time to spare.
    "You better hurry, Sunni," said Naruto.
    The false earth mare nodded, picked up her suitcase, boarded the train, and found a window seat near her last night lover; she stuck her head out as Naruto walked up to her.
    "How about one last kiss before we part?" he asked loving.
    "Love to," she answered then their lips met in a small passionate kiss.
    After they separated, the mare leaned close to his ear and spoke in her normal voice, "See you tomorrow, my Naruto."
    The stallion smiled as the train's whistle sounded then the entire vehicle started to move forward.
    "Goodbye, my friends," the departed pony called out and waved to her friends.
    Naruto and the others waved back to her until 'Sunni Daze' and her train were out of sight then the stallion's friends looked at him with concern since his gaze was fixed on the point where his recent ex-girlfriend had disappeared.
    Applejack walked up to him, "You alright, pardner?"
    He turned around and showed her and everypony there a genuine smile, "I'm fine. It's like I said before, our relationship is one that I will always cherish."
    His friends gave a collective sigh of relief then Rainbow Dash asks, "So what is it that keeps Sunni so busy that she can't come see you?"
    "Let's just say that she is very important to Canterlot," he answered.
    They seemed to accept that answer until something snapped inside Twilight's head, "Oh no. With all that was happening, I almost forgot about the luncheon for Princess Celestia."
        "Nothing like a friend's relationship to help clear the head, huh?" Spike said jokingly.
    The unicorn just gave him a look of annoyance.
    Naruto gained an aura of calmness, "No sweat. I already know what I'm gonna serve. I just gotta buy some chocolate."
    "Chocolate for what?" asked Pinkie.
    "I was thinking of serving some cake. I hear princesses have a sweet tooth," he then walked off the platform and towards the marketplace as his friend watched and soon followed except for Twilight and Rarity.
    "I guess crisis averted then. I feel sorry for Naruto though. You know what I mean Rarity?" the purple pony asked as she turned to her friend who had enamored look on her face.
    "Rarity?" Twilight followed the dressmaker's gaze and saw it was directed at Naruto and the librarian knew exactly what was happening, "don't tell me you're gonna start chasing him again."
    The white unicorn giggled nervously and played with her mane a bit, "Maybe . . ."
    "Rarity," Twilight said flatly.
    "Before you say anything Twilight, I did try to move on. I really did but the heart wants what the heart wants," Rarity said with a nervous smile and she quickly exited from the platform then Twilight gives a annoyed groan and shakes her head in disbelief.

    Naruto got everything he needed from the marketplace and he even stopped by Green Espinacas' stand and told him about 'Sunni Daze.' The old stallion was ecstatic to hear about how the young stallion found his very special somepony then became saddened upon hearing the end but Naruto just told him what he told his friends; his words put a smile on the spinach vendor's face. The restaurant owner was busy for the rest of the day with preparing all the ingredients from the food for tomorrow and tending to all of his customers that came in.
    The following morning had arrived and Naruto was busy cooking the ramen, dumplings, rice balls, stir-frying vegetables, and baking the cake; he was lucky he was able to finish the preparations by the time the Mane Six plus Spike showed up to help set up a table large enough for ten ponies and a small banquet. It was ten minutes to the time Princess Celestia would arrive when everything was ready with the ramen each in a large pot, numerous plates filled with sauce-covered dango dumplings, rice balls, and stir-fried vegetables, a large chocolate-frosted chocolate cake with a serving knife, and many bowls, plates, and utensils. Everypony decided to not wear anything special due to this being a casual visit except Rarity was wearing a flashy-looking, jewel-lined, pink and blue saddle and a pearl necklace since she wanted to make a good impression on the princess and get Naruto's attention.
    The time had arrived and Twilight was slightly a wreck as she was stressing out but that all went away when a large ball of white appeared before them. The brightness faded to reveal Princess Celestia in all of her regal beauty and attire.
    "Princess Celestia," said Twilight as she and everypony else bowed in respect.
    "Twilight, it's so good to see you and your friends again," said the princess as everypony got back up then her eyes drifted towards the only stallion in the room, "you must be Naruto Uzumaki. Twilight has told me so much about you."
    Remembering his manners, Naruto said in his most behaved tone, "It's an honor to have here, Princess Celestia."
    The winged unicorn giggled and saw the banquet before her, "My, you surely put a lot of effort into this."
    "Well, Twilight wouldn't stop stressing out so I decided to serve some of my best dishes," the stallion jokingly said which caused the purple unicorn to blush in embarrassment.
    The princess giggled again, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's dig in."
    Everypony gathered around the table and started serving themselves some of Naruto's homemade cuisine. During the entire meal, Naruto and Celestia kept giving each other glancing looks. Their plan was successful; Twilight and the others were completely unaware of everything that happened between the two of them and it was probably for the best. His friends would go crazy if they were to find out Naruto and the princess had relations. It was best for everypony this secret was kept in the dark . . . . at least for now.
Episode six of "MLP: Equestrian Shinobi." Enjoy!

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*UPDATE - Did some revisions and structure changes*

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MLP: FiM belongs to and Hasbro
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
I don't own anything too significant in this fiction.
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