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In celebration of the premiere of MLP: Fim Season 5, I am pleased to announce I have been driven to return to Equestrian Shinobi and begin creating the long-awaited new chapter/episode.

But before I can begin, I must go back and reread all I have done; episode, shorts, and requests alike. It will help me get back into the swing of things plus I will also fix some things within my previous works.

My newest class has taken a lot of my time so I apologize for that but with the schedule I have now and the newest chances for spare time, it is quite possible you will see the newest chapter/episode in the next three weeks.

One more tiny thing - my school gave me a YouTube channel long ago but I have no clue on what to put on it. I keep thinking about submitting a promo video for Equestrian Shinobi. What about you guys? Any ideas? Tell me in the comments below. FYI, I can't do Flash or gameplay videos.

Until next time,
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Ashton Wilson
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I'm just a guy from California hoping to make his dream of becoming a writer a reality but in the meantime, I'll focus on being the best deviantARTIST I can be.

I'm also a big fan of video games, anime, and cartoons; I'm basically a combination of a man-child and a nerd though I can still have an adult mindset when the time calls for it.


Episode 4: "The Gift of Fashion"

    Beautiful flower bushes and tall trees with gorgeous blossoms decorated the entire forest area Rarity was strolling through but her attention was not focused on her surroundings as she appeared to be searching for something. Her eyes scanned in all directions until they had stopped and gained an glimmer of joy. What she was gazing at was a ray of light casting itself upon a small clearing surrounded by rose bushes and in the middle of it was Naruto whose mane and tail were blowing in the wind.
    "Darling!" she shouted lovingly before she broke out into a gallop.
    Upon hearing her voice, Naruto turned to face her and responded, "Rarity."
    The two ponies became locked into an embrace and gazed into each other's eyes.
    "Oh Naruto, I cannot keep it hidden from you any longer. I love you and I want us to be together for the rest of our days," Rarity said in an enamored voice.
    "Rarity, I feel the exact same way about you," the stallion answered then the mare leaned forward in an attempt to kiss him but was slowly pushed away as he gained an expression of regret, "but you can't have me."
    Tears started to gather in her eyes as Naruto walked away from her and she desperately reached out to him, "But why?"
    "Because I'm a stallion of the world," then from the bushes, multiple mares marched into the clearing and gathered around him as the beautiful foliage surrounding everypony was replaced with murky darkness.
    The stallion wrapped his arms around the nearest girls and they snuggled up to him before he spoke again, "I can't be tied down to only one mare."
    Rarity fell to her knees and her tears began to pour down her cheeks as Naruto continued to speak, "It's not you, it's me. I'm no good for you. I'm sure you'll find somepony else."
    "NO! You're the only one I want! And I'll do whatever it takes . . . for us to be together!" she quickly got up and broke into a gallop.
    But the second she took her first step, the ground below shattered like glass and Rarity was sent plummeting into the void below as she screamed.
    The unicorn's face quickly came in contact with something hard and she opened her eyes which were still covered by her blindfold; she lifted it up to find herself still in her bedroom then gave a sigh of relief and depression.

--(Equestria Girls Movie Opening)--

    After recovering from her nightmare and having breakfast, Rarity can now be seen pacing back and forth in her bedroom as her cat Opalescence watched from her owner's bed.
    "Oh Opal, that horrid dream opened my eyes. If I don't do something, I'll lose my chance to be with Naruto forever. I mean I have already lost two opportunities to Daisy and Lily. I can't afford to lose anymore," said the love-struck mare.
    It was true since she still recalled the date Naruto had with Daisy and last night was his date with Lily. And to add salt to her wounds, he had "relations" with both mares; Rarity found out about Lily the hard way when she was taking a morning stroll through Ponyville and caught sight of the orange stallion giving said mare a kiss on the doorstep of his place of business.
    She walked up to her vanity mirror, "But whatever could I do to grab his attention? How can I get him to focus on me and resist the charms of every other mare in Ponyville?"
    The unicorn looked at herself then came up with a quick idea and summoned up her magic to bring forth a small array of beauty products and toiletries, "Maybe a new look?"
    After her "tools" of beautification did their work, her mane and tail became long, silky, and had a bouncy look to them. She gave herself a quick look-over and smiled, "Lovely, just needs a little something."
    Rarity used her magic again to replace her current false eyelashes with ones that were longer and more luxurious then to bring forth a tube of red lipstick which she applied it to herself.
    She looked at the results and thought for a second, "Maybe a little rouge."
Her rouge brush levitated to its owner and applied a bit of makeup to each of her cheeks.
    "Perfect! Just absolutely perfect. Naruto won't be able to keep his eyes off of me. Let's put it to the test, shall we?," The newly-styled mare asked her reflection then she exited the room, grabbed a few bits, and departed from her boutique for A Little Taste of Konoha.

    During Rarity's journey to the object of her affections, her new look turned the heads of some of the local stallions. The worst part was some of them were already coupled with a mare at the time and received some nasty slaps to their faces for staring at another girl. The white unicorn arrived at her destination, took a quick deep breath, and walked through the door. She quickly looked around and spotted Naruto at the counter, talking with Rose who was enjoying a bowl of ramen. The sight of the mare actually got Rarity joyful because now she could see if this new look of hers would work in catching his eye; she made her way to the counter.
    The unicorn took a seat two stools to the right of Rose then decided now was the time to have the orange stallion notice her as she spoke up, "Hello Naruto."
    Rarity certainly got his attention since he looked at her immediately after she made herself heard and noticed her new style while making made his way to her, "Hey Rarity. Trying out a new look?"
    The white pony got him right where she wanted him!
    "Indeed. You like it?" she battered her eyelashes at him.
    "Totally. It's so you," he smiled, "anything I can get ya?"
    "Oh just a small carrot ramen, please," she threw a wink in his direction.
    Naruto nodded and went back into the kitchen to retrieve her order. She grinned a grin that could rival one of the stallion's and her mind was soon filled with such delightful thoughts centered around him and her but she was pulled back into reality by Rose's voice coming from her left, "You sure do look amazing, Rarity."
    Still in her good mood, the unicorn responded, "Thank you Rose. I always do think a girl should try out a new look every once in a while."
    The earth mare giggled, "I'll have to try that out some time."
    Rarity nodded in agreement and decided to make small conversation, "So what brings you here? Besides partaking in some of Naruto's homemade cuisine."
    "Oh nothing much, just talking about what he and I are gonna do on our date," Rose slurped up a noodle.
    The white unicorn's demeanor just switched from happy to shocked, "Date?"
    Naruto had returned with a bowl of carrot ramen on a tray he was balancing on his nose and placed it down in front of his friend.
    He happened to catch a bit of their conversation, "That's right. Me and Rose have a date tonight."
    "And if it is anything like the dates you had with Daisy and Lily, I just know it's gonna be magical," Rose looked at him lovingly.
    He gave a nervous chuckle, "Well, we'll see."
    Poor Rarity quickly became the depressed third wheel and ate her ramen.

    The slightly heartbroken dressmaker paid for her meal, returned home, changed her style back to normal, and went back to pacing but in her store this time.
    "My chances are slipping through my hooves, Opal. What do I do?" Rarity asked her cat who wasn't really paying attention and was just napping on the floor.
    "I just have to stay calm and think of something that will make me stand out in his eyes. But what could I do?" she slightly growled out the last part.
    Rarity slowly fell to the floor, thought for a moment, then gave off a groan of frustration, "Why can't this be like making a dress?! I am a fashionista who has made many beautiful gowns, lovely ensembles, and breathtaking designs. I should be able to figure out how to make a stallion fall in love with me."
    The idea seemed to slap her in the face, "That's it! Why didn't I think of it earlier?"
    She trotted her way up to her "inspiration room" as she called it, "Instead of focusing on my already perfect looks and trying to gain his attention in such an unimaginative and slightly undignified way, I could use my special talent of fashion to have him notice me."
    She entered the room, "I shall create a perfect outfit just for Naruto."
    The unicorn started to levitate various fabrics, materials, threads, needles , and other various objects to her, "Something that will show him just how much he means to me. Something he will just simply love."
    Her work glasses planted themselves on the brim on her nose, "Something that will be a tribute of my love for him."

----(Little Work of Love - Written by Ashton Wilson)----
    Rarity steps up to a dressform mannequin.
"I know he'll just love it, how can he not
There is nothing better, than something from the heart."

    She levitates a photo of herself with her friends and Naruto standing in front of A Little Taste of Konoha, with a red heart drawn around the stallion, to the wall closest to her and pins it there.
"He is dazzling, and so will this be,
Once he sees my gift, he will love only me."

    She starts looking over various colored fabrics.
"It has to be perfect, just for he
And the only pony who can make it, is me"

    The unicorn starts looking at some of the colors of the fabrics side by side then looks at Naruto then to the mannequin.
"Colors and curves, that go together
And soon he'll be mine, forever."

    She goes with the classic combo of red and black which compliments his orange fur.
"It must be right
And will take all my fashion might.
    Rarity summons forth her sewing machine to mend the fabrics together then uses magic to create a red jacket with a black collar and trim and his cutie mark on the back; she slips it on the dummy as her sewing machine is placed onto a table.
"His heart I shall have
Thanks to this little work of love."

    She starts figuring out what could go with the jacket and looks at fabrics again.
"It must compliment his beautiful eyes of blue
A simple teal shall never do."

    The white mare actually places a roll of teal material aside.
"With his orange fur and mane of woven gold
This outfit must say he's handsome and bold."

    An idea pops into her head then she levitates some tan and light gray fabrics over to her machine and stitches them to each other.
"All mares stay away, his heart you won't steal.
Once he finally knows how I feel."

    Once the fabrics are sewn together, she takes her scissors and snips them into a pattern of a vest while sewing on a pocket to the upper left side then uses her magic to teleport the vest underneath the jacket.
"His affection, I shall finally have"
    Her eyes start to glow with joy and pride at how her work was coming.
"All thanks to this, my little work of love."
    She embraces the mannequin lovingly and gazes at her love in the picture.
-----(Song ends)----

    "And now for the final touch," said Rarity, levitating a simple black headband with a small orange sapphire embedded in the middle of it onto the mannequin's head.
    "It. Is. Beautiful!" she took a step back to admire her work.
    The entire outfit was a thin-layered white poet shirt with a single white ruffle which was clearly seen thanks to the v-neck of the tan front and gray back vest underneath a red and black jacket; the ensemble was completed by the headband. She added the shirt to give the getup a little class and the headband because it seemed to fit Naruto more than a hat or anything fancy like that.
    The proud dressmaker let out a girlie squeal of joy, "He's going to adore it! I could just imagine the look on his face."
And she did just that

    In the store, Rarity had the clothed model underneath a white sheet and Naruto was standing before her.
    "I made this just for you," she then levitated the sheet off the dummy to reveal her work.
    "Wow Rarity. It's amazing," he complimented.
    A blush crept onto her face.
    "You are the most beautiful and talented unicorn in all of Equestria," he continued, "and I love you."
    Upon hearing his declaration of love, she sprinted towards him then they become interlocked in a passionate embrace.
--(End of daydream)--

    The unicorn's squealing turned to giggling and bouncing but quickly regained her calm demeanor, "Out of fairness, I will let Rose have her date with Naruto tonight. But she had better enjoy it while it lasts because he will love me by tomorrow morning."

    Rarity decided to surprise Naruto with her special gift by inviting him over, so she got up bright and early then headed over to A Little Taste of Konoha while a large smile graced her face.
    "Oh I just can't wait. Naruto will without a doubt be greatly infatuated with me once he casts his eyes upon his lovely new outfit," she said happily as her targeted destination came into view.
    Her heart begun thumping and her stomach became full of butterflies but she donned a calm and cool demeanor before continuing forth.
    "I could almost feel his lips on mine once he takes me into his-" Rarity became silent when she saw the sight of Rose and Naruto coming out of the restaurant then the mare turned around and start nuzzling her nose against hers; he returned the action.
    The unicorn's eyes quickly swelled up with tears then she spun around and raced back home. She collapsed on the floor upon entering her store and started to weep.
    She buried her face into her front legs, "Oh who was I kidding?! The only way Naruto could ever be interested in me if every other mare in Equestria just suddenly vanished into thin air! I should just give up!"
    Rarity's tear-filled eyes looked upon her hoofmade gift then the image of her and Naruto holding each other came to her mind. She dried her eyes, gained a look of determination on her face, and rose to her feet.
    "I refuse to give up!" she levitated the clothed mannequin off the ground and trotted upstairs with it.
    "Not without a fight!" she entered her inspiration room and placed her gift next to her drawing board.
    "I'll just have to create something better," her glasses placed themselves on her face and a piece of charcoal and a parchment sheet levitated themselves onto the board.
    "I will show Naruto how much he means to me and nothing is going to stop me!" she declared before starting to create a new concept for a outfit for the stallion of her heart.

    A day passed before Rarity finished the newest creation she made in case the previous outfit she put together (basically a fancier version of the first one but lacked the cutie mark design) wouldn't cut it. In truth, she really didn't know Naruto's particular taste in fashion so she quickly began creating a concept for another getup. This cycle went on for the rest of the day and the only times she stopped was to gather new materials, eat, feed Opal, go to the powder room, attend to any customers that came in, and sleep. She wasn't going to stop working until she had came up with the perfect outfit for Naruto.

    It was a lovely day in Ponyville when Twilight and Spike decided to stop by A Little Taste of Konoha for lunch; they entered the building and took a seat at an empty booth and almost immediately, Naruto came over.
    "Bonjour monsieur and madame, how can I be of service to you on this fine day?" he asked, putting on a fake accent.
    Twilight giggled and answered, "Would you be so kind as to serve us two large bowls of apple ramen?"
    The boys chuckled as the stallion said, "Coming right up!" something quickly entered his mind, "have either of you seen Rarity lately?"
    His friends looked slightly worried and the unicorn asked, "Why? Is there something wrong?"
    "That's the thing, I'm not sure. She came in here sporting a new look the other day then got kind of depressed about something. I tried asking her what was wrong but she wouldn't say and I haven't seen her since. Yesterday, I stopped by her place to see if she was alright but she didn't answer the door. I would have done more but learning from personal experiences, it's best to leave a girl alone when she doesn't answer the door," he explained.
    "Personal experiences? What personal experiences?" asked Spike.
    The little dragon's question triggered a quick flashback

--(Flashback begins)--
    In Konoha and in his original body, Naruto was standing outside Sakura and Ino's new apartment. The pink-haired girl was refusing to speak with him for the past couple days and he had no idea why but he was sure it was something he did; that's why he was standing outside the door.
    He knocked a couple of times, "C'mon Sakura, I'm sorry for whatever it was I did wrong. I'll make it up to you anyway I can."
    No answer so he tried again, "I could take you out to dinner tonight. Will that cheer you up?"
    Still no response, "Please Sakura, I'm begging you. Please talk to me."
    He quickly heard the sound of footsteps rushing towards the door and waited anxiously to see Sakura's beautiful face but ended up having her fist smash into his; the punch sent him flying out of the building and onto the ground five stories down.
    "CAN'T YOU TAKE A HINT AND LEAVE ME ALONE?!" screamed Sakura then she slammed the door shut.
    Poor Naruto landed hard on his back as the impact made a small crater in the ground and he received a black-eye, a broken nose, and a bloody lip with a couple of his teeth missing; all he could do was moan in pain.
    A shadow crept onto his face and he looked up to find it was Ino, holding a bag of groceries in her right arm.
    "Naruto?" she kneeled down to him, "what happened to you?"
    "I . . . tried . . . talking . . . to Sakura . . . but she . . . just . . . ended up. . . . punching me. And I still . . . don't know . . . what I did wrong," he answered.
    "Oh," she said as she looked upon him with sympathy, "you didn't do anything wrong . . . except coming here. It's just her . . . "time" of the month."
    "Time of the month?" he asked.
    "Time of the month."
    It took a second for it to sink in then his mind clicked, "Oh."
    Ino nodded in confirmation as he continued speaking, "That explains everything."
    His head then flopped to his left and he moaned as the platinum blonde stroked his hair as a way to show sympathy.
--(Flashback end)--

    The orange stallion looked back at Spike, "Let's just say I became wiser on that day."
    Twilight got to thinking, "Spike and I will stop by and see if Rarity's okay."
    "How about I give you an extra bowl of apple ramen to take to her. Just in case she might be hungry," said Naruto.
    "That's sweet of you, Naruto. I'm sure she will appreciate it."
    He gave her a smile and went back into the kitchen to get their food.

    Just as she said, Twilight and Spike stopped by Carousel Boutique and brought with them a sealed Styrofoam bowl of apple ramen and a spork in a brown paper bag. This was actually a part of Naruto's new take-out service he decided to incorporate into his restaurant.
    "So what do you think is wrong with Rarity?" Spike asked worriedly.
    "Hopefully nothing. But we should investigate anyway," Twilight answered.
    They reached their destination then the unicorn knocked on the door and called out, "Rarity?"
    She received no answer so she knocked again, "Rarity?"
    Twilight and Spike looked at each other then she opened the door and when they peeked inside, there was Rarity standing in front of a mannequin wearing a brown vest; it was having golden buttons sewn onto it. The white mare was concentrating so much on her work that she didn't notice her visitors but Opal, who was sitting on top of a nearby table and watching her owner work, did and just looked at them as they entered.
    The purple mare walked up behind her friend and gave her a small tap on the shoulder, "Rarity?"
    The pony in question gave off a loud squeak and jumped five feet into the air while her sewing needle was sent ricocheting around the room until it zoomed past Spike's left cheek and got stuck in the wall behind him; the poor little dragon stiffened with fear.
    The unicorns quickly rushed to him and Twilight asked, "Spike, are you alright?"
    The dragon slowly nodded as Rarity magically retrieved the needle, "I'm awfully sorry about that. I didn't notice you come in."
    "We noticed," said Twilight, "Rarity, are you feeling alright?"
    "Of course. Why wouldn't I?"
    "Well, Spike and I spoke to Naruto earlier and he told us you came into his restaurant the other day. He also said you seemed a bit depressed when you left and hasn't seen you since."
    "Oh, I've just been busy lately," a gargle erupted from Rarity's stomach, "oh dear. I completely forgot I haven't eaten yet. I was so anxious to begin working that I skipped breakfast today."
    Twilight giggled a little, "Then it's a good thing we brought you this."
    She tried to levitate the bag out of Spike's claws but he was still frozen in fright so his claws held the bag in an iron grip. The unicorn mare gave a good yank and the bag was free as the sudden movement shocked the dragon out of his current state.
    She levitated the bag to her friend, "Naruto thought you might need this."
    Rarity took hold of it with her own magic, opened the bag, and lifted out the sealed bowl and spork, "Naruto . . . made me lunch?"
    Twilight nodded, "Well you know Naruto. He always tries to help out in some small way."
    The white mare became touched by the gesture so much that small tears started to well up in her eyes then she brought the bowl next to her cheek in a loving manner, "Naruto, always so thoughtful."
    The other unicorn's attention was drawn to the vest on the dummy and she went over to it, "Is this what you have been working on for the past day?"
    The dressmaking pony was brought out of her moment, noticed her friend looking at the work in progress, placed her food down on the nearest table, and joined her friend while Spike followed.
    "Actually, I just started this," answered Rarity, "I have been busy with other projects. I moved it down here because I ran out of room upstairs."
    "Ran out of room? How many more outfits have you made?" asked Twilight.
    The fashionista looked a little uneasy but still answered, "I guess there is no harm in showing the both of you," she turned towards the stairs as her pet cat went ahead of them, "follow me."
    She led them upstairs to her "inspiration room", opened the door, and Twilight and Spike were able see about a dozen more outfits inside and each of their styles ranged from simple and comfortable to sophisticated and flashy but the only thing they had in common was they were made for a stallion.
    The librarian unicorn and her assistant entered to get a better look and she made her amazement heard, "Wow Rarity, these are lovely!
    "Yeah, lovely," said Spike then he turned to their creator who was still in the doorway, "just like one who made them."
The white mare heard his compliment and smile sheepishly at him as he looked at her with 'goo-goo eyes.'
    Twilight noticed his attempt to woo her friend, rolled her eyes and smiled then asked, "Are they for a new line of clothing you just thought up?"
    Rarity looked a little uneasy again, "More like a gift. Or at least one of them . . . . hopefully," she said the last part quietly.
    "A gift? For who??" Twilight felt like she probably already knew who but still sought out confirmation.
    "Somepony . . . special," Rarity averted her eyes from her friends and gained a little blush.
    "Somepony special, huh?" Spike gained a look of confidence, licked his claw, and slicked back his head spines, "and just who might that special somepony be?"
    Now Twilight definitely knew who she was talking about but decided to go with it as she looked a little amused by the baby dragon's actions, "Yeah Rarity, who?"
    The dressmaker unicorn and her cat walked into the room and she moved to the window then looked out of it, "Oh, I cannot say. You two will think it's silly."
    "We would never think that, Rarity."
    "Never! Not in a million years!" declared Spike and flashed a big smile.
    The white mare turned to them, "You promise not to laugh?"
    "Of course," said Twilight as Spike shook his head while looking gleefully.
    Rarity took a deep breath, "Okay. I currently have a crush on somepony who I, without a doubt, believe I am meant to spend the rest of my life with."
    "You don't say. You're that serious about him, huh?" asked the purple-coated mare with a slight amused face.
    The little dragon was becoming impatient, "But who is it?"
    "Yeah, just tell us," Twilight gently nudged her friend.
    "It's  . . . . . . Naruto," confessed the mare.
    That statement hit Spike like a mountain as his jaw dropped, his pupils shrunk, he fell face first but kept looking ahead, and he weakly said, " . . . . . . . what?"
    "It's true! I have fallen for Naruto!" she exclaimed again and Spike could almost feel his heart crack.
    He knew that Rarity was attracted to Naruto but he had no idea that she had fallen head-over-heels for him!
    "Really? You don't say," Twilight said trying her hardest to sound naive.
    "I know it sounds unbelievable but it's the truth. He's constantly on my mind, not in an obsessive stalker way but in an admiring way."
    "Oh of course. You made that perfectly clear the other night when you spied on his date with Daisy," Twilight said with an amused expressed but luckily, her friend failed to notice the tone in her voice.
    Spike sprang to his feet and looked at Twilight in shock, "She did what?"
    "Oh yeah. I never told you about that, did I?" Twilight said thoughtfully then the dragon flopped back onto the floor.
    She turned her attention back to her white-furred friend, "Okay Rarity, I get you like Naruto. But the question is . . . why? Why Naruto?"
    The white pony blushed as she rubbed her front legs together before speaking again, "You remember the Gala we attended? And how I spent the night in the company of . . . Blueblood."
    Rarity almost puked when she uttered that name as her friend nodded then she continued, "Well that night opened my eyes and ever since then, I pledged to never fall for anymore 'dream stallions.' All they will do is shatter your expectations . . . and break your heart."
    "So that's way you fell for Naruto? Because he's not dreamy?" asked Twilight.
    "Not exactly. What I mean is that if I should find true love, he would have to be somepony realistic," then Rarity walked over to the picture she had pinned to the wall, "I will admit that when I first laid eyes upon him, his stunning looks are what attracted me to him in the first place."
    The purple unicorn gained the look that said 'obviously.'
    "But that was then," the dressmaker unicorn turned around back to her audience who quickly dropped her previous expression, "and this is now. Ever since he has lived here in Ponyville, I was given the privilege to get to know him better."

--(Multiple flashbacks)--
    "Not only is he handsome, he's charming, . . ."
    She and Naruto are sitting in her lounge, having tea and he says something which causes her to laugh a little and blush.

    "strong, helpful . . ."
    Rarity and Naruto had returned to Carousel Boutique from the fabric store with a load of new materials, which the stallion was carrying the most of, then he opened the door for her and she accepted the polite gesture.
    "courteous to a lady, . . . "

    "gentle, kind, . . ."
    The white unicorn watches as her little sister and her friends play with the orange stallion then the fillies gave him a group hug which he tenderly returned.

    "and thoughtful."
    She quickly remembered the take-out lunch he prepared for her today.
--(Flashbacks end)--

    "Those qualities of his are what attract me to him most of all. I will admit that I have also noticed that he can a bit brash, inattentive, and a bit . . . . dim but that just adds to his charm," said Rarity, "needless to say, I love everything about him."
    "Wow Rarity," said Twilight, "I had no idea you felt so strongly about him."
    "You have no idea Twilight," she gained a faraway look on her face, "whenever he is near, my heart beats wildly and I can barely think straight. He is also constantly on my mind whenever he is not around."
    The purple unicorn just felt so amazed at her friend's expression of love but the mood of the atmosphere changed when the dressmaker slowly fell to her knees, "But . . . I still cannot help but feel that . . . . we will never feel the same way about me."
    "Why would you think that?" Twilight asked gently.
    An expression of frustration donned Rarity's face then she stood up and looked her fellow unicorn in the eyes, "Because he's completely oblivious to even my most obvious expressions of my affections."
    Her features quickly softened, "And he doesn't look at me the same way he does with Daisy, Lily, or Rose. I just want him . . . . to think of me like that. That's why it's important to me that I make these outfits and show him how I feel about him," she walked over to the doorway then turned to her friend, "do you understand what I mean, Twilight?"
    "I think I do, Rarity," the unicorn then magically lifted Spike onto his feet, "don't we, Spike?"
    The little dragon looked a little melancholy, "Yeah, I guess so."
    The white mare smiled warmly, "I'm glad," she headed downstairs as everypony followed except Opal who decided to stay behind and snuggle up against the already made outfits.
    "So, how many more outfits are you making?" asked Twilight as they reached the downstairs store.
    "This one will be the last," Rarity walked over to the dummy, "I'm hoping to get it done by tomorrow and once it is finished, I'll invite him over and show him . . .  and hopefully, he will like at least one of them."
    Twilight heard the doubt and fear in her voice, "Would you like me and the others to come too? For support?"
    The dressmaker's face just beamed at her friend's response, "Oh! That would wonderful! Thank you so much!"
    "My pleasure," she then levitated Spike onto her back, "I'll just go tell the others about what is happening tomorrow," then she started to walk out the front door.
    Upon hearing that declaration, Rarity stiffened in fright and run over to the other unicorn, "Twilight, I would really appreciate it if you two didn't tell our friends the reason why I made these outfits."
    "How come?"
    "If anypony should tell them about my feelings for Naruto, I would rather it be me."
    'Even if they kinda know already?' Twilight thought humorously but still sounded understanding, "Ok Rarity. We won't say a word," she looked at the baby dragon on her back, "right, Spike?"
    "Yeah. Ok," said the young dragon.
    "Oh thank you," Rarity was so relieved to hear those words.
    "I'll just tell them you want to show us a new line of clothing," said the purple mare.
    "Excellent. Tell them that and tomorrow, I meet with you and the girls after seeing Naruto."
    Twilight giggled, "Ok. We'll see you tomorrow Rarity. And Rarity . . "
    "Don't worry. I'm sure Naruto will like these," she and her assistant left the building.
    Rarity felt a slight rise in her confidence but she became distracted by a rumble from her stomach then remembered the lunch Naruto made her. She walked over to the table she left the bowl on and removed the lid as the wondrous aroma of apple ramen hit her; she quickly devoured the food.

    Twilight began trotting back into town and decided to go talk to Pinkie Pie first since she was the closest.
    Spike quickly took notice of the direction she was going, "Uh Twilight, aren't we gonna at least tell Naruto that Rarity's alright?"
    "Nope," the unicorn answered smiling.
    "Why not?"
    "Let's just say it's for Rarity," she just kept on trotting.

    The dressmaker unicorn was able to finish the last outfit later that day and when the following afternoon came around, she journeyed to invite her recent muse to her boutique and give him her gift. She reached his restaurant and entered inside to find him delivering a mare's order of carrot ramen.
    She decided to get his attention, "Good afternoon Naruto."
    It did the trick as he looked up and saw her, "Rarity."
    But before she could actually speak to him, he broke out into a sprint and wrapped his front legs around her in a hug. The sudden contact caught her by surprise as he continued to speak, "I was worried about you."
    "Y-You were?"
    He pulled back to look at her, "Of course, I haven't seen you for days. I was afraid that something might have happened to you."
    "Oh yeah, I apologize for that. I was working on a new line of outfits and sometimes I just get really caught up in my work that I nearly block out the world," she explained, "I never knew you cared so much."
    "Of course I do! You're very precious to me, Rarity. I care about you, Twilight, Spike, and everypony else very much," he brought her close again, "I don't know what I would do if I lost any of you guys for whatever reason."
    Tears were threatening to fall from Rarity's eyes as she wrapped her front legs around him and embraced him lovingly. It was strange but after hearing his declaration of his own feelings, she felt so happy. Their little scene actually attracted some attention from the patrons of the restaurant as the mares looked enamored and the stallions just plain watched as if engrossed in a good story.
    They released each other and the unicorn asked, "How soon can you come by my place? I want to show you what I have been working on."
    "I close up around five o'clock. I'll be there as soon as I can," he answered.
    She gave him a quick nuzzle on the cheek, "I'll be waiting."
    As she left, Naruto couldn't help but blush from her action then grinned a big smile.

    Naruto went about his work day then closed up shop and made it to Carousel Boutique to find all his friends there, gathered in front of twelve sheet-covered mannequins positioned in a row as Rarity stood before everypony else.
    "Thank you for coming, everypony," said Rarity, "before I reveal this new line, I would like to give a special thanks to Naruto who was the pony who helped inspire me into creating these outfits."
    The only stallion in the room was surprised, "Me?"
    The speaking unicorn nodded, "Yes, you Naruto. The bond that you and I share is what gave birth . . . to these."
    She used her magic to pull the covers off to reveal her masterpieces; all the outfits ranged from simple looking vests to comfort wear like tanktops with either shorts or sweatpants to dressy-looking tuxedoes and leisure suits. Most of them had something that complemented the outfits like jeweled buttons, belts, or head wear. In short words, they were all very nice.
    "I inspired these? Wow," Naruto said.
    "Boy howdy, those are sure some fancy getups there. No doubt stallions from near and far will want one of these," complimented Applejack.
    "They're very lovely, Rarity," said Fluttershy.
    "Cool . . . if you like all that fancy stuff that is," said Rainbow Dash as she tried to not show a lot of interest in fashion.
    Pinkie Pie started bouncing in excitement, "Wow Rarity! These are super-duper amazing and incredible beyond words. I don't know how you do it! It's like something just pops into your head then you make it into a beautiful outfit! How do you do it?"
    Twilight just giggled at the pink pony's expressiveness then spoke, trying to sound a bit naive, "Yes, very nice Rarity. Very nice."
    "They look . . . great," Spike said sounding a bit melancholy.
    The little dragon seemed a little depressed since yesterday and Twilight knew why but decided to take action only if it became a big problem; so far, it was under control.
    "Thank you for your compliments, my friends," said Rarity then she looked at Naruto, "and as a thank you gift for inspiring me Naruto, I want you to pick your favorite out of these twelve outfits."
    "Really?" he asked in amazement which she answered with another nod, "awesome!"
    He started up and down the row as he looked at each outfit but he quickly gained a look of empathy.
    "No offense Rarity but none of these really seem to be my kind of style," he reluctantly said.
    "Really?" she asked in shock and it was his turn to nod in confirmation.
    Rarity's friends each gain a look of sympathy for their friend except Twilight's was more of a look of fear. She was the one who told Rarity that Naruto would like them but he rejected them!
    She looked over to see if her fashionista friend was upset but instead of having a face of sadness, the white unicorn had donned a thinking face then said, "Wait here."
    Rarity quickly rushed upstairs as her friends gathered together and looked confused since the five mares and dragon were expecting her to be upset at his comment. The sound of hoofsteps could be heard coming down the stairs then she soon appeared with her horn glowing with magic and smiling.
    "Would this be more of your style?" the dummy wearing the first outfit she had created for Naruto floated down from the stairway and landed in front of the orange stallion.
    He took a quick gander at it then his face broke into a happy expression, "Now that's what I'm talking about."
    Rarity instantly matched his expression as he threw out another comment, "It's exactly me. It's simple yet stylish and classy but cool-looking."
    "You really like it?" asked the dressmaker.
    "Like it? I love it!"
    The mare's heart was filling up with happiness at hearing the stallion who she loved had chosen the outfit she had considered to be her work of love.
    "Hey Rarity, how come you didn't have that with the others?" asked Applejack.
    The pony in question had to think of some kind of cover up since she couldn't reveal that she left that outfit in her "inspiration room" because she knew she wouldn't be able to handle Naruto rejecting something she put her heart into making and the sight of somepony else wearing it would simply crush her. All the other ensembles she had made were more like backups in case he didn't like the first. She chose to show these because in truth, she didn't really care about them since she didn't really put much heart into them.
    She smiled sheepishly and came up with a small lie, "I guess I was so distracted by my newest works, I just completely forgotten."
    The farmer pony thought that answer was a little suspicious but before she could question her friend again, Rainbow Dash flew above them and hovered over Naruto then said, "Enough talking. Let's see what this outfit looks like on Naruto already!"
    Her friends exclaimed their agreement, except for Spike who just gave a thumbs-up, as Rarity magically removed the clothes from the mannequin then they quickly rushed to a dressing booth where they shoved Naruto and the outfit inside.

    The mares and their dragon companion were gathered around a small curtain-covered stage as they awaited for their stallion friend to reveal himself.
    Rarity sat herself next to Twilight and leaned over, smirking, "You didn't tell Naruto that I was alright, did you?"
    The purple pony slyly smiled, "Nope."
    The white mare smiled sincerely, "Thank you."
    Twilight gave off a smile similar to one of Naruto's.
    "Ready pardner?" asked Applejack.
    "Ready," he answered.
    Then Pinkie Pie pulls out a portable stereo from out of nowhere, presses Play, and techno-pop music fills the air. Her friends started to giggle and snicker at the situation their pink friend had just created.
    "Did Pinkie just pull out a stereo?" asked the stallion from behind the curtain.
    "Oh yeah!" laughed Dash.
    "So this now your own private fashion show, huh?"
    "That's not funny," if they were to look behind the curtain, they would see that he was actually smiling.
    "Just come out and show us the goods," said the pegasus then her friends gave off a cheer.
    "Well, I better give you what you want," he then dramatically pulled back the curtains and struck a majestic pose.
    The girls quickly became struck at how handsome and stunning Naruto just seemed to look in that outfit as he struck another pose. Their amazement was expressed in many ways with Twilight smiling at him in amazement as her eyes twinkled, Pinkie giggling and blushing a bit in his direction, Fluttershy's blush completely covering her face as she was biting her bottom lip slightly and grinning a little, a blush starting to appear on Rainbow Dash's face at how hot he looked, Applejack's eyes became glued to him as she said a small 'wow', and Rarity was almost brought to tears at the sheer beauty before her; even Spike had to admit that the stallion looked incredible.
    Naruto struck a simple pose, "How do I look?"
    Pinkie turned off the music as Twilight spoke up, "You look just . . . amazing, Naruto."
    It was Naruto's turn to blush and he chuckled a bit, "Thanks."
    He turned to and walked towards Rarity then he knelt down until his face was level with hers and the action caught her by surprise a bit, "And thank you, Rarity. This is one of the nicest things anypony has ever done for me."
    He then planted a small peck on her left cheek and when he turned away to get off the stage, the white mare gained a blissful look on her face and fell backwards; she could see hearts dancing in front of her eyes.
    Rarity was broken from her daze by Applejack, "So what are ya'll gonna do with all the other outfits, Rarity?"
    The unicorn sprung to her hooves and answered her friend, "Way ahead of you, Applejack."
    As if on cue, there was a knock on the door and the fashionista called out in a singsong voice, "It's open!"
    The door did so and in walked Hoity Toity, Canterlot's most famous fashion critic.
    "Sorry I'm late Rarity," he said, "I was in the middle of judging a fashion show when I received your message and I have to admit that some of those outfits looked rather tacky."
    "Well Hoity, I think I have something for you that might help you forget your disappointment," said Rarity as she walked up to him.
    "Oh really? What?" the critic asked sounding interested.
    "A new line of stallion's ware," she moved aside to bring the outfits into view.
    Immediately, Hoity was captivated at what he saw since he knew that anything Rarity made was absolutely amazing. His excitement was expressed through a large smile on his face as he got a closer look.
    "Beautiful. Just beautiful. Now these should have been in the show. I can certainly see stallions back in Canterlot wearing these delightful ensembles," he stopped to look a vest, "even the most simple vest is astounding. You are truly a master at your craft, Rarity."
    Twilight and the other girls were just smiling in glee at their friend's success as Spike cracked a small smile.
    "Oh why thank you and as soon as I can, I'll have at least a dozen of each outfit for you to sell in your boutique," she said.
    "Excellent, my dear," he then caught sight of Naruto who was still in his own outfit and walking over to his dressmaking friend, "ooooh. That's very remarkable. Classy yet simple. I like it."
    Rarity giggled then draped her front legs over the orange stallion, "Sorry Hoity. I burned the design for this outfit. It is the only one of its kind and it stays with him."
    "Some stallions have all the luck," he chuckled then pulled down his glasses, "but now that I look at it, this outfit seems to fit your model to a tee."
    "Oh no. He's not a model. He's my friend and the inspiration for this new line of fashion," the white unicorn explained, smiling the entire time.
    "I should have known. Only you Rarity can be inspired enough to base her new clothing line on a friend," he complimented her then he turned to the only other stallion in the room, "you are most fortunate to have such a highly creative pony for a friend uh . . . I didn't quite catch your name."
    "Naruto Uzumaki, sir," Naruto then faced Rarity who turned to him at the same time, "and yes, I do consider myself fortunate."
    He looked into each other's eyes then looked away, blushing a bit.

    After Hoity Toity bought Rarity's outfits and loaded them into his private cart, the Mane Six and the boys decided to catch some dinner at A Little Taste of Konoha. The girls and Spike set themselves into a booth as Naruto went back into the kitchen to heat up some leftover ramen but he served them some drinks first as the girls talked amongst themselves; of course, he quickly went upstairs and changed out of his outfit beforehand.
    "So you called Hoity Toity before calling us to your place?" asked Applejack as Naruto came out with a tray filled with six bowls of various hot ramen.
    "Indeed. You see after we last met, Hoity and I made an arrangement that if he likes any clothing that I make before contacting him, he would feature it in his boutique," explained Rarity as Naruto placed the tray in the middle of the table so his friends could serve themselves.
    "That's incredible Rarity. I'm sure many Canterlot ponies will like your outfits," said Fluttershy.
    "And you're sure to drum up a lot of business," said Applejack as Naruto retreated back into the kitchen and the six mares took their ramen bowls from the tray.
    "Did you really burn the design for Naruto's outfit?" asked Pinkie.
    "To tell you the truth, I created it out of the top of my head and was the first outfit I made. I guess you can call it the practice outfit. That's another reason why I didn't bring it down," explained Rarity.
    "But it had Naruto's cutie mark on the back," Dash pointed out.
    The fashionista panicked a bit and quickly came up with an answer, "Like I said, Naruto was the inspiration for that new line so I chose to center that clothing set around him a bit more than the others."
    Knowing they weren't gonna get a straight answer any time soon, the blue pegasus just said, "Whatever you say, Rarity."
    Twilight was captivated by the conversation of her friends but she was quickly drawn to a sigh from Spike next to her.
    "What's wrong Spike?" asked Pinkie who heard his sigh too.
    "Oh it's nothing important. I've been just a little depressed about something really personal," he answered.
    "Wanna talk about it?" asked Applejack.
    "No, not really," he said.
    "You gonna be okay, dude?" asked Dash as the others took notice.
    "Yeah, I'll recover from it sooner or later. I just have to take it one day at a time," he sadly plopped his chin onto the tabletop.
    "Well, I think I have something that can help you recover faster," said Naruto as he approached the table with a bowl being balanced on his head.
    "What do you mean?" asked Spike, sitting back up.
    "Well after seeing Rarity's new look the other day," Rarity blushed a bit from hearing that, "my creativity was sparked into creating something special. And the only one I knew who would enjoy it would be you."
    Naruto lowered his head to the table's edge, pushed the bowl off his head, then nudged it to the little dragon whose eyes widened at what was inside.
    The mares looked over and got the same expression he did and Twilight spoke up, "Is that ramen with . . .?"
    "Gemstones!" exclaimed Spike as his eyes peered into the bowl filled with noodles, some vegetables, and various gemstones swimming in a rainbow colored broth.
    "Yeah. I remember how much Spike loves gemstones so I decided to create a special gemstone ramen just for him. I don't know how well it's gonna taste but if anypony were to know, it would be Spike," said Naruto then he turned to the little dragon and smiled, "dig in, little bro!"
    "You don't have to tell me twice!" Forgetting his utensils and table manners, Spike dove right in and devoured the food which was gone in only a few seconds.
    He leaned back, sighed, and patted his extended belly, "So . . . delicious. All the wonderful flavors of each gemstone and the tastiness of the ramen noodles and vegetables just melded together in a euphoria of delight."
    "That good, huh?" asked Naruto.
    "You bet! Can I have seconds?" asked the dragon.
    The stallion chuckled as he put Spike's dish on the tray he placed on his head, "You got it!"
    Naruto trotted back into the kitchen and Spike quickly caught the amused looks from the ponies.
    "That certainly changed your mood," said Twilight.
    "Like I said, recovery takes time," said Spike solemnly then a hugh grin broke out on his face, "but that's one heck of a start!"
    "Glad to hear it!" said Naruto as he returned with Spike's second helping and a bowl of ramen for himself which were balancing on his head-tray.
He placed the food on the table and Spike took back his bowl and saw that it had a lot more gemstones than his last helping, "Naruto, you rock!"
    The little dragon started chowing down as his pony friends laughed at his joyful attitude before digging into their own meals.
MLP: Equestrian Shinobi - Episode 4
Episode 4 of "MLP: Equestrian Shinobi" is finally here!
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I did something a little different with this episode so tell me if you think it works.

*UPDATE - Did some revision and fixed the structure a bit. Also changed the opening theme to something a little more appropriate.*

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