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All know the legend of Arthur Pendragon – greatest king Britain ever had, student of the wise Merlin, leader of the Knights of the Round Table, and ruler of the mighty kingdom of Camelot. However, there is one title his loyal followers, respected peers, and most hated adversaries will remember until their final breathes – wielder of Excalibur. This legendary blade was held by Pendragon himself and rumored by many to possess mystical abilities unknown to everyone except its chosen wielder. Its origin varies from being bestowed upon Arthur by a sorceress residing within a lake to being placed in a stone by unseen forces though what is common is the one who held it followed the path to becoming a just and noble royal loved by his people. Those who knew of the weapon believed there was nothing able to match its strength and power . . . but they were wrong to believe so.
During the final years of King Arthur’s reign, rumors of a blade able to rival Excalibur arose and the name people called it by was the Soul Drinker. Reason for such a less desirable title was the weapon possessed a dark origin and the ability to drink the souls of any those unfortunate enough to come upon it. It was also said none could wield such a deadly weapon though have tried only to perish from its insatiable thirst for the spirit. No one knew where it [the Soul Drinker] came from but there was talk of it being located in a northern region decorated with rock filled mountains and emerald-green forests. A righteous fury filled Arthur’s spirit upon hearing this news then it was not long before he made the decision to venture forth and rid the world of the sword thirsty for innocent lives for he knew matters would get worst if someone actually had the strength to wield it.
Ignored were the pleas of his queen Guinevere and his teacher Merlin as well as the insistence of his champions for Arthur believed this matter was something that could be handled easier if he were to be on his own. He agreed to take five warriors for protection and assistance though taking his trusted sword Excalibur was the best shield he could ask for. It was also thought upon the magical abilities of the legendary weapon could help in the destruction of the Soul Drinker and guard him from any dangers encountered during the quest. Very little time passed until King Arthur and his band left Camelot though not before declaring his absence would be filled by Lancelot until his return as well as decreeing to resume his mantle as king once he steps foot in his castle.
Days quickly became weeks then turned into months before growing into years and neither Arthur nor his soldiers returned to the kingdom of Camelot thus creating the belief their beloved ruler perished in his quest to rid this planet of the Soul Drinker. Still bound by his word of honor and duty, Lancelot and his fellow knights kept a watchful eye on the domain and its citizens during the absence of their leader though this not stop change from occurring. Guinevere declared the Round Table’s greatest member [Lancelot] would take up the role as king of Camelot as well as her husband due to the widespread desire for a new ruler. The chosen knight agreed to the terms with both reluctance and enthusiasm for the latter reason meant he would finally be able to stand alongside the woman who captured his heart at time before the name Soul Drinker was ever uttered.
Unknown to most, there was a third reason why Lancelot wanted to become king and it was to ensure a continued safety for those residing in within the walls of Camelot. A rumor of dark nature arose around the same time about a mysterious warlord who permitted his ever-growing army to prey upon villages and leave no survivors in the aftermath. No one knew who this person was except he was said to be a being of immense strength, bloodthirsty character, and malicious drive as well as his followers reflecting his desires and interests. There was also talk of him and those he commands residing in a southern region that none returned from should they ever wander into it. Every person hearing this all agreed this warrior and his army of ravagers were best avoided by those who wished to keep their lives.
Bloodcurdling screams filled the night air surrounding the village residing within the shadow of Camelot and terror came from the people whose flesh was being devoured by intense flames. Citizens ran about to escape the fire though such escape appeared to be futile for more flames trapping them with their rapidly crumbling hometown. This also kept them close to the bringers of the disaster happening around them for the sky above was filled with horrifying creatures. Giant serpents with bat wings as large as houses, scales as sharp as swords, fangs bathed in foul venom, and eyes as red as the blazes they breath. These airborne demons began swooping down and grabbing numerous innocents with their dagger-filled mouths before flying off to feast.
Many people fell prey to the aerial predators before arriving on horseback did King Lancelot and his Knights of the Round Table. Their eyes widen his pure shock at the sight they were seeing until an unmatched fury took hold of their souls though none were more angered than their king.
“My brothers-in-arms, charge forth and send these demons back to the pit from whence they came. Leave none of them alive and may the devil be the next they cast their eyes upon,” Lancelot exclaimed before pulling out his shining blade and commanding his steed to charge forth.
A lust for battle filled Lancelot to the brim and was soon directed once his eyes happened upon the sight of a serpent landing on the ground and encroaching on a peasant man who possessed nothing but fear in his eyes. The predatory beast readied to take the victim into its maw filled with venomous fangs though its actions were disrupted thanks to the efforts of the king swiping his sword across its tail. His blade could not pierce nor cut the hide of the creature though his efforts did grant him its attention. This revelation caused Camelot’s ruler to ride swiftly away as his monstrous opponent pursed in an attempt to viciously rid the world of the nuisance that dared to interrupt its meal. As his stallion galloped for their lives, its rider [Lancelot] could feel the winged snake’s almost burning breath on their backsides but he did not dwell on this for his mind was focused on leading his adversary away from the innocents.
The battle of the burning village was truly a sight to behold for the surviving villagers ran away to the safety of the surrounding woods, as each knight belonging to the order of the Round Table was enthralled in conflicts with the winged serpents. Sword, ax, mace, and shield was met with fang, flame, tail, and scale for each combatant could not raise above the other though Sir Mordred was pierced by the spiked-coated tail of his adversary and Sir Galahad was tore asunder by a beast’s voracious jaws. Their king was unaware of these unfortunate casualties for we was focused on distracting his enemy but his plan came to a sudden end once his pursuer sank its teeth into the hindquarters of his steed and threw him off. His valiant horse did not share his fate for he was immediately thrashed about before being thrown into a building consumed by fire.
Lancelot felt a raise in his need for battle as he rose to his feet and faced the reptilian menace with sword ready and shield poised to defend all attacks. His serpentine enemy reared its head back to strike with its venomous fangs until a shrieking wail filled the air and caused the beast to cease its actions. The bone chilling shrill quickly came to an end then every winged wyrm took to the air and off into the darkness of the night. A sense of confusion replaced the need for battle for Camelot’s king could not explain why beasts of their power would leave unexpectedly.
“God has surely smiled upon you, oh great successor to the throne of Camelot and protector of his domain,” a raspy voice made itself known.
The king looked to find the speaker at the top of a building not exposed to flames and found him to be a being of non-human origin. This newcomer leaped from his perch and landed in front of the royalty then Lancelot could clearly see this creature. Before his eyes, clad in black steel armor with claws of silver and a helmet bearing resemblance to a jester’s top was a goblin with sickly green skin, pointed ears and nose, eyes a revolting purple, and teeth like yellow daggers exposed by a sinister grin.
It was not long until King Lancelot brought up his shield and blade, “Explain your business here, vile creature. How would a demon know who I am?”
“No need for hostility, mighty Lancelot. I am merely a humble messenger sent here to deliver a message from my master. True I could have simply went to your castle but I knew there was no guarantee someone of my kind could easily approach someone of your royal status and divine aura. The serpents were merely a way to ensure you would appear yourself,” said the ghoul with a grin.
“You sent brought those winged abominations to my kingdom? To bring me out into the open? Simply to give me a message?” Fury hotter than fire burned in his soul upon hearing this revelation.
“Indeed. Apologies for so many lost lives but I cannot control the ravenous appetites of the flyers, only my master has this power.”
“Then your master is nothing more than a bloodthirsty lord who sees life as nothing but a spoiling fruit one could simply toss away at any time.”
“Of course. Compassion is not a part of the nature within the mighty wielder of the Soul Drinker.”
Fear and shock took the place of fury upon hearing such news, “Liar! The Soul Drinker has no wielder!”
“Now you are the one who speaks lies. The mightiest blade in existence does have a master and a worthy one. A being of dark nature and strength who can fell even you, your majesty. He even conquered the weakling who held the vile Excalibur in one stroke.”
Fury made a massive return, “More lies! My king would never fall to something of that character. God was always with him.”
“God chose to abandon your previous king like a frightened animal thus leaving him to his death. Believe what you will but I ensure my words speak nothing but truth.”
Lancelot had not choice but to cast aside this discussion for there was no clear victor then he lowered his weaponry, “Who said you have for me a message. What is it?”
“My master wishes for a battle between your majesty and himself and gives his word to make it a match neither shall ever forget as well as not to invoke the power of the Soul Drinker.  He requests for you to come alone and to bring with you your greatest desire to live in an effort to not disappoint him.”
“Why does he wish for such a fight?”
“He longs for someone who can stand against him and possibly match his strength. All he was encountered barely lasted a second before he took their souls as trophies. He believes since you are the greatest among the Round Table than you will certainly give him what he has been looking for. To fair warn you, your refusal will cost the lives of those residing in your kingdom and your court.”
The words of the armored goblin caused his anger to raise as he spoke, “Tell your master this – my desire to live will be eclipsed by the anger from this deed he allowed to happen.”
A wider grin stretched across the messenger’s lips, “Of course. The base of the northern mountains will be the battlefield in three days time. We cannot wait to see you again, your majesty.”
The goblin gave the king a respectful bow before vanishing into a swirl of black mist.
Sleep eluded Lancelot for his restless mind could not stop recalling the events of this night as well as his words with the goblin thus he was forced to stand out on his bedroom balcony and look at the burnt remnants of the village he once watched over. A festering anger contributed to his restlessness due to what the messaging devil revealed about Arthur’s fate. His contemplation abruptly ended by the actions of arms wrapping themselves around his waist from behind; his lovely queen [Guinevere] was the culprit.
“We both know I must go. If not for those we lost tonight, then for our king who never came back.”
“I know what is in your heart, my king. I just pray you return to us at all. I lost one husband, I do not wish to lose another.”
Guinevere’s words brought a sort of comfort to his soul as it strengthened his resolve to defeat his mad man and ensure safety for all of Camelot.
His new horse was readied, he was clad in his strongest armor, and his weaponry was prepared before Lancelot immediately set out towards the northern mountains and his journey would take up the course of two days at the least if only resting when unnecessary though he was expected at the location in three. The venture went through lush forests crowded with animals he would feast upon for nourishment along with predators that dared challenge his right to be there. Natural obstacles like dense thicket, raging rivers, sudden heavy rain, and strong winds stood in his way as well but the former knight refused to back down for any reason.
The three days time had reached its limit by the time Lancelot reached the base of the northern mountains as the sun began to set, bringing forth a sky of orange, red, and yellow. He led his steed closer to the desired destination and finding himself in front of a large, raised, circular platform of the grayest stone surrounded by spikes of matching color and mineral. His majesty dismounted from his horse then set foot upon the rock formation and taking with him is sword and shield in the sudden case of danger then stood waiting for this opponent who requested his presence. The king did not have long to wait since a shriek sounded throughout the air thus startling both him and his stallion and next came a rhythmic flapping of wings.
He directed his attention towards the sky to see a large shadow coming closer by the second until seen was the definitive shape of a black horse thrice the size of his own possessing the wings and tail of a dragon along with burning eyes of fire while being clad in silver armor. The flying equine headed straight for him in a swoop; the king wasted no time to avoid this attack that ended with the beast landing on the side opposite of him. Its action finally gave Lancelot the opportunity to see the winged creature was not alone for it was carrying a rider holding its reins of chain. This newcomer quickly dismounted and slowly walked towards the royalty thus providing the king with a look at his person. Whoever this being was, he was almost twice his size, completely clad in shining black armor trimmed with brilliant silver, and upon the right of his waist was a large sword clothed in its scabbard.
“Master is pleased to see you here, your majesty,” a voice spoke out then a black mist appeared beside the behemoth sword wielder before forming into the messenger goblin from the night of the disaster and carrying in his silver claws an item wrapped in brown cloth.
Lancelot began walking towards them, “I gave my word I would, goblin. And a knight of the Round Table always stands by his word.”
The goblin and his master stopped in the middle of the platform, “It would appear so. Though master was secretly hoping you would not follow through for your forfeit will give him the right to lay waste to all you know and love. As well as feed his sword starving for souls.”
“The demon blade will forever go hungry once I run my sword through its master’s stomach and decorate this field with his spilt guts. I do not fight for just my people and my court but I am here to also avenge the good king Arthur Pendragon.”
“Amusing you praise a man whose wife you stole though we really cannot blame you for falling for the wiles of a crown claiming whore.”
Lancelot had just reached them when his anger forced him to draw his sword and point it at the foul-mouthed goblin, “Do not speak of my queen-wife in such a manner, demon. Or I shall cut out your tongue.”
“As you wish, your majesty. My intent was not to offend but to speak truth about the succubus who has sunk her fangs into you.”
Rage finally took hold of the king as he swung at the messenger but the blade connected with the clawed gauntlet of the behemoth man instead of the skull of his desire target. The goblin could not resist grinning wider as his master tightened his grip on the royal weapon then forcefully yanking it from Lancelot’s grip and tossing away. His majesty’s eyes widen in shock upon seeing such a feat of strength while his opponent let out a guttural growl at his servant who nodded graciously.
“Master believes we wasted enough time. And worry not about your blade. Master brought this for you to use for this battle,” the goblin bowed and raised the bundle to the king who took it without hesitation.
It was not long before he tore away the cloth and from it came a faint white glow that grew the more Lancelot unwrapped until his eyes widen upon seeing the object inside to be the sword of his late king, Excalibur.
“How did you get this?!”
“Simply a trophy Master kept from that peasant king of yours. He believed it to be the perfect weapon for you to wield though its true potential will most likely hide itself from a unworthy whelp such as yourself.”
The insult went unheard as his majesty removed the blade from the brown cloth and held it proud and strong despite its heaviness. His large opponent brought out the Soul Drinker thus granting Lancelot a full look at it; spikes covered the edges of its blade and its hilt and guard was composed of black steel decorated with silver skeletal designs. His servant took his winged steed and himself off the platform to await the highly desired battle to begin.
Camelot’s ruler brought Excalibur forward and stood it on its tip, “Listen well, wielder of Soul Drinker. My victory here will end in your death and my failure will end in mine. But I assure you I will not fall today for God is with me and he will see me rid the living world of a monster like you. What say you now, murderer?”
The only response Lancelot received was a guttural snarl and a downward swing, which his majesty had to roll out of the way of or be sliced down the middle; his large opponent followed with a vertical swing that forced the king to duck underneath. He swung Excalibur at the left leg of his adversary though his attack was deflected by the obsidian armor thus irritating the behemoth of a man who retaliated with another sideswipe of his demonic sword. Camelot’s ruler brought up his shield to block the incoming assault and this resulted in the defensive plate being ferociously ripped from his arm and from the battlefield altogether.
Lancelot was about to strike back but was interrupted by the large enemy kicking his chest and sending him hard to the ground then trying to spear his chest. The king was fortunate to roll out of the way of the attack causing the Soul Drinker to pierce the rock below before quickly getting to his feet and bringing his blade down on his adversary’s arm to chop it off. Like his previous swing, the attack could not pass the armor and bounced back; the behemoth of a man simply knocked him away.
The king of Camelot felt a numbing pain run through his entire body before casting his eyes upon Excalibur in his hand as his large opponent began stomping toward him, “I am sorry, my king. I am no wielder of your blade or true successor to your throne. My lose here will mark the end of so many lives and the fall of Camelot. May God forgive me for my weakness.”
Little time passed for the black clad knight to stand above him [Lancelot] then attempt once more to send his sword through his chest. He quickly plunged the Soul Drinker downwards and would have succeeded if his blade were not suddenly knocked into a different direction. Lancelot was shocked to see this happen though his surprise was greater upon seeing the culprit being Excalibur itself still clutched in his fist and its blade glowing brightly.  He took this opportunity to return to a standing position and swing at the demon sword wielder; his attack was blocked but discouragement at not entered his heart. The king swung again and his strike was blocked once more then began a continuous cycle of swords clashing against each other.
Their blades clashed numerous times until Lancelot chose to put all his strength into a downward strike and Excalibur not only smashed into the Soul Drinker, but also snapped it in half thus causing a dark mist to escape from the broken weapon. Another strange occurrence happened in the form of the sword’s wielder gasping for breath and groaning aloud before falling to his knees then onto his back where he remained motionless. More black mist hissed out from the fallen warrior’s body as his goblin and winged horse disappeared in a cloud of the same vapor and soon nothing was escaping from the armor on the ground.
King Lancelot arrived at his opponent’s head due to the curiosity of wanting to know who this warrior actually was; he removed the knight’s helmet to reveal the identity of someone he thought he would never see. Before his eyes was the face of an aged and shrunken Arthur Pendragon, the previous king of Camelot and wielder of Excalibur. He possessed no time to wonder why his former leader became the master of the murderous blade he once desired to destroy long ago due to a dark voice coming from above him. His attention was directed upwards to find the black mist from before swirling in a circle then taking the ethereal shape of a horned dragon with red eyes.
“Those who believe God stands beside them are nothing more than weak-minded fools who know not true strength and there was no one weaker than this foolish Arthur Pendragon, wielder of the accursed Excalibur. His only redemption was possessing a spirit strong enough to hold my power thus making him the perfect tool of my will. You may have won this sword fight, foolish Lancelot but always remember all men and women can never escape the darkness living in their souls. The Soul Drinker may be gone but my influence can reach anyone thus showing my brother of light that his world is just as tainted as I am,” the ethereal creature quickly flew off into the sky until it was out of sight from any eye.
The words of the satanic apparition continued to echo through Lancelot’s mind as he picked himself up and drove Excalibur into the rock next to its previous and rightful wielder. A sense of gloom entered his soul as he mounted his horse and began the long journey back to Camelot for he could not help admitting the truth of the being’s farewell speech; the corruption of Arthur was proof. If someone as just as him could be corrupted by the darkness, anyone can be from the most innocent babe to the righteous knights he calls his brothers-in-arms. He may have finally rid the world of the bloodthirsty Soul Drinker like his king wanted but he could not help feeling his victory was nothing but a defeat in disguise.
The Soul Drinker
This is a story I did for the class I'm currently taking. Thought it might be a good idea to submit it here.

Hope you guys enjoy it.
This literary piece is very well written and holds an enticing atmosphere of mystery and murder a person would usually find in a dark detective story originating from the days of black and white films or radio shows. Each word sends the reader on an adventure forecasting the works of a psychopathic killer and the thoughts of a detective who will eventually cross paths with the culprit as well as discover something personal about him or herself. Every sentence causes the mind to construct images of people hanging upside down as if in a meat locker and a town littered with the bodies of numerous victims. Highly entertaining and always worth a second read!

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